Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 2(1):90-95
Effect of Factors Variation on the Adsorption of Cd2+ on Chemically Modified Agricultural Waste
Musah, M., 1Elele, U. U., 1Umar, M. T. and 2Umar, A.

The effects of variation of time, adsorbent dosage, concentration and solution pH on the adsorption of Cd2+ from aqueous solution were determined using standard methods of analysis. Results indicate that 83.49 % of Cd2+ was adsorbed after 30 minutes interaction time and 0.2 g adsorbent dosage with concentration and pH kept at 10 mg/dm3 and 4 respectively; 92.11 % Cd2+ was removed from solution when adsorbent dosage was increased to 1.0 g while time, concentration and pH remained unchanged. The effect of adsorbent dosage on adsorption of Cd2+ positive and high (7.438) while the effects of concentration and pH were -6.622 and -4.532 respectively (negative effect). The experimental and calculated (predicted) value for each run falls closed to the straight line with residual value of ? 2.00 indicating a good fit of the mode