Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 3(1):21-27
Modelling of Safety Management System (SMS) Using Fire Systemic Safety Management System Model (FSSMS) for Bonga Offshore Oil and Gas Field, Nigeria
Idriss U. and Lawan M. Z.

The Bonga offshore Field encompassed many Oil and Gas blocks which were modelled in such a way that their safety system coherently working in order to enhance Safety, Health and Environmental (HSE) performance using Fire systemic Safety Management system (FSSMS). The operational units (Well heads, Gas compressor, Electrical Panel and Separators) and Oil Blocks of Bonga Offshore field have been used to illustrate some of the characteristic of the Fire systemic safety management model (i.e. recursive structure and organizational structure), the system were linked based on their relationship strength or weakness in order to maintain effective communication so as to retain the risk level within the acceptable limit. It is hoped that the approach will lead not only to more effective management of safety in the oil and gas industry, but also to more effective management of safety for any organization