Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 3(1):33-42
Comparative Assessment of Air Quality Around Dominant Landuse Regions of Somolu and Surulere Local Government Areas of Lagos State, Nigeria
Soneye,A.O ., Ogunjimi,T.F., Fashoto B.T and Otusanya, O.O

Concerns about quality of air in the cities are on the increase but the relative contribution by various anthropogenic and landuse activities have remained shrouded in obscurity. The paper mapped the dominant landuses in Somolu and Surulere Local Government areas (LGAs) of Lagos State and assessed their surrounding air quality in 2017 with a view to establish the quality indexes and conformity with regulatory standards. Data for the landuses were generated using Pleaides satellite imagery at 2.5m spatial resolution while the ambient air quality were measured in-situ across 22 and 26 sampled points respectively in the LGAs. The results show preponderance of residential, transportation, commercial and institutional landuses in the two LGAs over industrial, forested wetlands and water bodies. Temperature, noise, CO and CO2 are higher generally around transportation and commercial landuses but lowest around residential areas. Sampled sites in Somolu have higher CO and noise quality indexes than site in Surulere but Somolu has more of CO2; given all the parameters found within acceptable limits. The study justifies the need for monitoring gaseous pollutants in the LGAs more so when it discovers that the landuses which are important determinants of the ambient values are changing rapidly.