Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 3(1):86-91
Analysis of Selected Meteorological Parameters in Kebbi State Using ARIMA Model
Yahaya M. N, Adamu I, Abubakar M, Samaila B, Abubakar N & Muhammad S.

This study was carried out in order to analyses the future weather situation of Kebbi state, using meteorological parameters available such as: minimum and maximum temperature, amount of rainfall and relative humidity, for periods spanning from 2009-2018. The data used for this study were extracted from Yelwa-Yauri weather station. Both temporal and spatial variations in variables were witnessed and fluctuations in such variables were also observed. The study area experienced its peak rainfall on the June-July-August (J-J-A), with annual onset mostly in the month of March-April except in 2012 and 2014 where onset was observed in February and January while cessation was recorded generally in October except in 2015 & 2018 where it was witnessed in the month of November respectively. Similarly, using the analysis of variance at 1, 5 and 10% level of significance, the study area from the analysis of individual meteorological parameters in the preceding years (2009-2018), did not yield any definite meteorological patterns that can accounts for the varying levels of predictions.