Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 3(2):111-116
Isolation and Identification of Microorganisms Associated with the Poultry Environment
Mafara, S. M. and Muhammad, U-K

Microbial assessment of water and air samples from Rufa’i Poultry Farm TalataMafara was carried out to investigate the pollution caused by the farm activities in the immediate environment. Water and air samples were collected during the rainy, early, and late dry seasons and were analyzed using standard methods. The Microbiological analysis revealed eightythree (83) isolates from the samples with 26 bacterial species. Enterobacterspp (11%), Brochothrix spp (10%), Citrobacter freundi (7.2%), Staphylococcus aureus (7.2%),Escherichia coli (6%) and Shigella spp (5%) were in higher percentage. Water had the highest colony count of 4.12 x 107 cfu/ml in the rainy season while air has the highest load of 6.04 x 102 cfu in the late dry season. Thirteen (13) species were identified from a total of 337 fungal isolates recovered from the samples. The isolates with a high percentage of occurrence are Aspergillus flavus (28%), Trichoderma spp. (17.2%) and A .niger (11%). Most of these isolates are pathogenic while others are potential pathogens that can pose severe health risks especially to immune-compromised individuals in particular. Therefore, adequate measures should be put in place to curb the indiscriminate release of effluents into the environment.