Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 4(1):8-16
Physicochemical Properties and Nutritional Composition of Allanblackia floribunda Oliv. Seed oil
Irabor, F., Ebohon, O., Otache, M.A., Ehigbai, I.O. and Omoregie, E.S.

This study provided information on the physicochemical properties, nutritional composition and dominant functional group of A. floribunda seed oil. The oil was extracted with petroleum ether using Soxhlet extractor (45°C); nutritional and physicochemical evaluations of the oil were done using standard procedures while fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) was used to determine the functional groups present. The oil was solid at room temperature with specific gravity less than water. It has low acid and peroxide values with high saponification value and intermediate iodine value. β-Sitosterol and stigmasterol were the most abundant phytosterols. The most abundant monounsaturated fatty acid was oleic acid while saturated fatty acid was stearic acid. Vitamin E was found in high amount while potassium was present in significant concentration. The most abundant phospholipids were phosphatidylcholine. The FTIR spectroscopic peaks suggest the presence of ester groups. Therefore, consumption of food products enrich with this oil may give health advantage