Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 4(1):71-82
Adsorption of Dyes (Rhodamine B and Chromotrope 2R) from Aqueous Solution by Pectin-graft-copolymer–montmorillonite Composites Gel
Zauro, S. A., Vishalakshi, B, Chinelo, A. S., Aminu, N., Sani, S., Sani, J, Isah, A. A., Yahaya, S. and Nata’ala, M. K

A pectin graft-copolymer-MMT composite was made via MW irradiation. The graft copolymer hydrogel and its composite were prepared using solution polymerisation with the aid of microwave irradiation. The graft-copolymer gel and its composite were evaluated for the adsorption of dye (RhB and C2R) molecules. The materials used in this study were of analytical grade and obtained from Sigma Aldrich, Bangalore, India.. The adsorption of RhB showed maximum capacity of 83.51 and 71.28 mg/g on Pec-g-poly(METAC-co-AMPS) and Pec-g-poly(METAC-co-AMPS)/MMT respectively, whereas, 43.38 and 74.99 mg/g was recorded as optimum adsorption capacity for Pec-g-poly(METAC-co-AMPS) and Pec-g-poly(METAC-co-AMPS)/MMT respectively towards C2R. The kinetic study indicated the adsorption of RhB on both adsorbents to follow first order kinetic model and of C2R to follow pseudo second order kinetic model. The adsorption isotherms for both RhB and C2R correlate well with the Freundlich model. The Pec-g-poly(METAC-co-AMPS) Proved to be good adsorbent for RhB. While,Pec-g-poly(METAC-coAMPS)/MMT showed higher affinity towards C2R compared to RhB.