Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 4(1):83-91
Mixed Convective Mmagnetohydrodynamics Micropolar Boundary Layer Flow Past a Stretching Sheet with Heat Generation
Yusuf, A., Ishaq, M. A., Salihu, N. O., Salisu, A. and Bolarin, G.

The problem of mixed convective magnetohydrodynamics micropolar boundary layer past a stretching sheet with heat generation was presented in rectangular form. The partial differential equations formulated are transformed into nonlinear ordinary differential equations using the stream functions and appropriate similarity variables. The solution to the nonlinear coupled ordinary differential equations is presented via decomposition method. The results are validated with the literatures and there is an agreement. The effects of dimensionless physical parameters which occur in the presented results are graphically studied in the absence of microstructural slip. The micro rotation is found to be a reducing agent of thermal and mass Grashof numbers while the fluid is an increasing agent due to the increase in the temperature which resulted in reduction of the viscousity.