Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 4(2):31-36
Biostratigraphy, Palynomorph Assemblages and Paleoclimate of Avg-1 Well, Northwestern Niger Delta, Nigeria
Avong, S.J., Obiosio, E.O., Nwaejije, E.C., Timothy, I. and Ubit, G.E.

Eighty ditch cutting samples between 830-5580 ft of AVG-1 well were used for analysis and sampling of the ditch cuttings was done at 60 ft interval for palynofloral studies. A rich recovery of palynomorph was recorded, with dominant presence of land-derived species such as pteridophyte spores; Laevigatosporites spp. and Verrucatosporites spp., brackish water spore (Acrostichum aureum), Zonocostites ramonae, Psilatricolporites crassus, Retitricolporites irregularis and Psilastephanocolporites sapotaceae. Other diagnostic significant palynomorphs recorded include dinoflagellate cysts such as Lingulodinium machaerophorum, Spiniferites spp., Hystrichokolpoma rigaudae, Polysphaeridium subtile, microforaminiferal wall linings and algae such as Botryococcus brauni. Two palynological zones were proposed; Pachydermites diederixi -Retibrevitricolporites obodoensis/protudens interval zone and Racemonocolpites hians taxon range zone. The well was assigned Early to Late Miocene age. A transitional wet to dry climatic condition within the Niger Delta was inferred during the Early to Late Miocene.