Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 6(1):21-29
Performance Evaluation of an Improved Dual Pot Cookstove
Zakari Z. I., Garba M.M., Zauro S. A, Bature A.S., and Sani U

Wood is an important source of energy that has been used for eras in cooking, boiling water, lighting, and heating. This study was carried out to evaluate the performance of a dual-pot improved cook stove. The designed stove's performance was contrasted with a standard charcoal stove that is readily available in the marketplace using standard methods. Water Boiling Test (WBT) and Controlled Cooking Test (CCT) were performed on the stoves. According to the WBT, the dual pot Improved Cook Stove's thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption, burning rate, time to boil, and firepower were found to be 81%, 0.045, 0.0072 kg/min, 30 min, and 3700W, respectively. On the other hand, with the conventional charcoal stove, the results were 58.7%, 0.10, 0.0062 kg/min, 65 min, and 3200W, respectively. According to the CCT, the dual pot improved cook stove's specific fuel consumption and cooking time were found to be 0.136 and 52 minutes, respectively, and 0.232 and 83 minutes, respectively, for the conventional charcoal stove. The Improved Cook Stove reduces indoor air pollution, minimizes harmful effects on human health and reduces the money spent on fuel than the Conventional Charcoal Stove