Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 1(1):14 - 19
Sequence Stratigraphy Of Amansiodo-1 Well, Anambra Basin, South-East, Nigeria
M. T. Kovona, I. Hamidu, E.C. Nwaejije, E.O. Obiosio, T. Najime

A sequence stratigraphic analysis was carried out on ditch cutting samples from Amansiodo-1 well, Anambra Basin Nigeria. The analysis based on foraminiferal species (population and diversity) obtained from the ditch cuttings revealed two systems tract (transgressive systems tract and lowstand systems tract); a maximum flooding surface (proposed at 682 m) and a sequence boundary (proposed at 1667 m) establishing an incomplete depositional sequence for the well. The mid-section of the transgressive systems tract (1267-1122 m) shows sand and shale intercalation which is characteristic of a good reservoir rock