Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 1(1):79 - 83
Groundwater Potential Mapping of Zaria and its Environs Part of Sheet 102NW, North Central Nigeria
A. D. Loyal and I.Y. Abubakar

This research is aimed at providing a cost-effective technique for groundwater exploration in Zaria and its Environs. The study made use of Remote Sensing data to generate thematic maps of a slope, water body proximity and drainage and lineament density. Maps of Geology and Soil were used to generate thematic maps of geology and soil respectively. The pair-wise comparison method was used to weight the thematic layers, while modelling was done by weighted overlay technique in a GIS environment. Results revealed three groundwater potential zones of low potential; medium potential zone; and high potential areas, which was chiefly control by high lineament density and close water body proximity within the study area. In terms of areal extent, the low potential, medium potential and high groundwater potential zones cover 48, 580, and 41 Km2, respectively. Validation of the model using dry season groundwater configuration map and flow directions showed reasonable agreement, while field data shows a correlation with other similar works in other parts of Nigeria. It was thus recommended that the techniques should be tested in other parts of the country and adopted in delineating groundwater potential zones because of its effectiveness