Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 1(2):160-168
Electrical Resistivity Investigation of Kaolinitic and Laterite Deposits within Birnin and Environs, NW Nigeria
Adamu, A., Fahad, A., Ologe, O., Sagagi, Y.M. and Shamsudeen, A.

The interpretation of 15 Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) and Electrical Profiling data was carried out within Birnin Kebbi and Environs NW, Nigeria. This is an attempt to investigate the possibility of anomalous location for Kaolinitic-Clay and Laterite deposit as essential solid minerals and the geologic characteristics of the subsurface within the study area. Terrameter (SAS) model 300 was the instrument used. No booster was used as the expected depth is within the range of penetration of the instrument. The interpretation was performed using computer softwares (AGI EarthImager 1D and Surfer). The interpreted results were used to produce geoelectric section and specialized map. The survey results indicate that the area is underlain by three to four subsurface layers namely: Topsoil, Weathered lateritic-overburden, Fractured and fresh bedrock. The results of the interpreted VES data showed that the saturated bearing layer (aquifer) lie within the weathered and fractured basement of the predominantly four-layered geoelectric structure. The thickness of the overburden varied from 3.2-.11.3m with an average of 7.6m. VES points 06, 10, 11 and 12 were found to be suitable locations to exploit industrial minerals such as laterite and kaolin