Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 1(2):175-179
Sensory Assessment of Homemade Drink and Stiff Porridge Produced from Underutilized Jackfruit In Rural Areas of Abia State of Nigeria
Azubuike, O. C., Mbah P. E. and Anuje N.O

This study was undertaken to find out if processing the bulb of underutilized Jackfruit into homemade drinks and the seeds for stiff porridge can boast its consumption and utilization through the sensory assessment that was conducted in the course of this research. Experimental research design was employed in this study. Twenty semi-trained panellist, students and staff of the department of home economics was used for the sensory assessment. The attributes was rated on a nine point hedonic scale where 9 was the highest score (like extremely) and 1 the lowest score (dislike extremely). The result of this study showed that the sensory properties of the stiff porridges produced revealed that acceptable stiff porridges were produced from both wheat and jackfruit seed flours. The stiff porridges produced were similar in all organoleptic properties; however wheat stiff porridge scored higher in appearance, aroma, taste and general acceptability. The result also showed that the jackfruit juice with lemon had the highest score for most organoleptic properties except for taste as the jackfruit juice scored higher.