Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 1(2):180-187
Hydrogeophysical Investigation For Groundwater Potential In Kalgo Area, North Western Nigeria, Using Electrical Resistivity Method
Augie, A.I., Shariff, O. and Sani, A.A.

Hydrogeophysical Investigation was carried out in some selected parts of Kalgo area of North Western Nigeria, using Electrical resistivity method. Eight Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) were carried out with Schlumberger configuration. The instrument used is ABEM SAS 300C Terrameter. The field data obtained were analyzed and interpreted using IPI2win and Surfer 12 which gave an automatic interpretation of the apparent resistivity data. Sounding curve obtained from the study area showed three geoelectrical layers which are the brown clay/ironstone (5 ?m to 1500?m), coarse sand (2400 ?m to 108 ?m) and sandstone (9?m to 968 ?m). The results showed that the saturated groundwater bearing units (aquifer) lie within the intermediate (sandstone) geoelectric layers. However, the groundwater potential in the study area was classified into high and low groundwater zones. High groundwater potential zones were found at VES 02 and 03. The layer forms the aquifer due to its low resistivity 304 ?m and thickness value of 47.7m at depth of 49.7m. These revealed the occurrence of groundwater in the environment due to largely occurrence of porosity and permeability resulting from sandstone of the rocks.