Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 1(2):203-207
Detoxification, Diversification and Branding of Local Food Commodities
Mbah P. E., Azubuike O. C and Okafor P. N

The study examined detoxification, diversification and branding of local food commodities need for increased consumer awareness on patent and job creation to end hunger and poverty. Nigerian families especially the teaming population of youths in the last decade has suffered massive unemployment rate resulting in prolonged hunger, poverty and frustration. Hence, the creation of awareness on detoxification, diversification and branding of the local food commodities that could create employment reduce hunger and poverty among the population. The study aimed at creating awareness on detoxification, diversification and branding of available local food commodities through processing, creating employment opportunities to eradicate poverty, end hunger and enhance longevity and quality of life. The paper examined the skill in branding of food commodity which involves the processes, the commodity will undergo before being sold or traded in the market; explored detoxification as a process of removing unwholesome substances from food during processing while diversification of food commodities via biodiversity and processing into different forms and brands. Three major local food commodities (cassava, plantain and fluted pumpkin) were the focus of this study because of availability and rate of consumption in Umuahia environment of Abia State. The various methods of processing into different forms and brands where examined. The study identified peeling, slicing, dewatering, drying and milling in cassava and plantain as major skills, whereas plucking, cutting, drying and shredding for pumpkin is a major skill such that the different chains involved in processing of these food commodities (cassava, plantain and green vegetable (Pumpkin) as a brand for consumption could be very lucrative if commercialized especially with nutritional information on the removal of toxic substances (detoxifications). The process of branding each product has its own skill as well as detoxification and diversifying into various sub products and diet formulation which is another skill and entirely new area of research. Established companies could buy the franchise or support the production thereby expanding the brand and creating more job opportunities.