Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 1(2):239-247
Single Input Multiple Output (SIMO) Flyback DC DC Converter for Off-grid Photovoltaic Applications
Imam A. M., Kunya A. B. and Sagagi Y. M.

Flyback is the most used and popular topology in DC -DC converters for its advantages of galvanic isolation, simple control technique and design simplicity. It enables additional design freedom that can be used to achieve high voltage boost ability; varying turns ratio, low ports count and multiple voltage outputs.This paper presents the design and methods of development of a single input multiple outputs (SIMO) flyback DC DC converter prototype developed using ferrite-core magnetic transformer. The number of turns, serving as function of output voltages was used to obtain output voltages of 24V, 15V, 12V and 5V. The proposed flyback converter was fabricated. A miniaturized developed prototype with multiple outputs for off-grid photovoltaic application on DC gadgets was tested and analyzed; little variation of output voltages was recorded between the experimental and calculated values which is due to discrepancies in components variations. The proposed prototype has 91.9 percent efficiency