Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 2(2):116-123
Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data for Gold Mineralisation Potential over Kabo and its Environs NW Nigeria
Augie A.I. and Sani A.A.

In this study, magnetic signatures were employed alongside with the geological settings in characterizing the structures that may host gold mineralization over Kabo and its environs. The interpretation of the aeromagnetic data extracted from the Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI) maps of the nationwide was carried out using automated techniques which are; IGRF/DGRF computation, reduction to equator (RTE), analytic signal, first and second vertical derivatives. Results from analytic signal map showed the geological structures of basement complex trend NE-SW direction of the study area with associated Fe-oxide mineral species during the formation of both intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks which revealed the existence gold mineralization potential in the study area. These regions were labelled as Zone A, which has the potentials of gold mineral due to present of ferromagnetic minerals as a result of mafic and ultramafic are more of Fe-bearing minerals (gold mineral) than that of felsic rock. The regions have covered the locations of; Shanono, Southern part of Kabo, Rimin Gado, Madobi, Garum Mallam, Bunkure and Rano LGAs of Kano State. The zones exhibit substantial magnetic anomaly that are more of ferromagnetic minerals such as gold mineralization potential.