Savanna Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 2(1):81-89
Using Biomarkers to Investigate the Roles Played by Faults in the Variation in Crude Oil Distribution in the Wessex Basin, UK
Abubakar R.

n this research, I examined the Wessex Basin, southern Englandgeochemically, I investigated Potential hydrocarbon migration pathways from the hanging wall of the Purbeck fault into Sherwood Sandstone reservoir at Wytch Farm using geochemical characterisation of oils extracted from core materials from the Wessex Basin. These revealed oilsfound at Stoborough and Waddock Cross are less mature than oils at Wytch Farm, which likely indicates spillage from the top of the reservoir at Wytch Farm due to regionaltiltingand faulting. In addition, the geochemical data from the core materials also show probable migration paths for oils found at Chickerellcontrolled by the two main faults in the Wessex Basin